Root down to rise up!

Lisa Gainsboro

02 March 2023

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Starting a New Chapter

Root down to rise up!

I first heard these words in a yoga training class about 10 years ago while in a standing posture called Mountain Pose.  The cue worked for me, and I was able to envision my feet rooting below the floor, into the earth, and the top of my head reaching for the sky.  It felt grounding, steady, strong and safe.

When this cue was used later in class during a balancing pose, it felt less so.  It was harder to feel rooted while balancing on one foot.  Hard to reach up while I was swaying, trying not to tip over.   I was at an unstable time in my life and I wanted to feel grounded and safe, not unsteady and wobbly.  The instructor then suggested we look at one non-moving point.  As I fixed my gaze, my mind steadied.  I was able to find balance and focus.

We then put our hands together to touch in front of our hearts.  While the heels of our palms, pinkies and thumbs remained touching, we peeled the palms of hands, index, middle and ring fingers away from one another, blossoming like the petals of a lotus flower.   As this image came to mind, so did the growth process of a lotus flower.  The lotus flower roots down in the murkiest of conditions in the mud beneath the water before its lengthy stems journey upward to find the surface of the water where the lotus blooms, one petal at a time.

Years later, when thinking of a logo for my coaching practice, this image immediately came to mind.

Starting a new chapter in one’s life requires resilience, perseverance and strength amidst adversity.  Change does not happen overnight.  While one is in a state of self-reflection and resurrection, it is important to practice self-care.  And, sometimes, seek support and guidance to encourage patience with the growth process.

I am here to help and offer any support and guidance you may need during your time of change and growth. Contact me today.